Meditation: dealing with low sex drive

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Summary: let's get it on!

  • Stress causes the sexual drive to decrease in both men and women.
  • Beeja meditation reverses that trend and opens us up to a healthy sex life.

Daily stress can have a disastrous effect on the sex drives of both men and women.

The reduction of testosterone in stressed males will diminish both their appetite and their capability to perform as well as they might like.

For women, there are corresponding reductions in oestrogen and androgen levels, which also takes the edge off feelings of sexuality.

In addition, under the stress response, our blood flow gets diverted to the thigh muscles and not the more sensitive inner thigh regions.

If we have decreased blood flow in our nethers, we just aren’t going to feel so inclined to get jiggy!

It also tends to shut us down emotionally, so the interpersonal factors that are so nuanced in us humans, become compromised, and our inclination to mate becomes further inhibited.

And lastly, for us to feel a sense of arousal, we need to feel relaxed so that the parasympathetic branch of the nervous system can become activated and trigger the arousal response.

How does Beeja meditation help?

Meditation works on three levels to balance out any deficit in our sexual appetite.

Firstly, it helps us keep our stress levels in check, allowing our sex hormones to flow more naturally.

Secondly, our blood circulation evens out and allows us to respond more easily to arousing circumstances.

And thirdly, the levels of relaxation we feel when we enliven our day with a nice meditation facilitates our being alive and emotionally open to joys of the love experience.

Indeed, we could even add a fourth quality, and that is the increase in tactile sensation that comes with meditation, making the shared experience of love even more rewarding.

So while chocolate, oysters, and Barry White can all be delightful in small doses, a regular dose of restorative meditation practice will keep the fires burning very nicely. Sorry, Barry!

And for those with insatiable appetites, meditation will deliver an opposing balancing force whereby love becomes the motive force and not insatiable lust. Fascinating stuff!

Find out how Beeja meditation can help with low sex drive

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