Meditation techniques for insomnia and other sleep problems can break the cycle of poor sleep patterning by working deeply at the level of the nervous system, soothing  daily stresses and preventing overstimulation of the mind. Sleep meditation techniques can lengthen our deep sleep cycles, increase our sleep efficiency and increase total sleep time in those of us who aren’t getting enough shut-eye.

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  • The problem

    Modern day-to-day life exposes our nervous systems to a vast amount of stimulation. From staring at TVs, computer screens and smartphones all day, to the artificial light at night; from fast-paced movies and hectic work environments to the whirl of the social calendar; and the caffeine fixes that help get us through the day.

    Our nervous systems are being bombarded; from an evolutionary standpoint, we just haven’t adapted to modern life. 

    This tends to trigger a chronic level of background stress in us all. And if we exacerbate the issue with additional burdens and agitators, then the result will often be a poor night’s sleep.

    When we lie down to sleep, the brain detects our horizontal status, goes into rest and repair mode and desperately tries to unload some of the overstimulation.

    The by-product of this process is the all too familiar whirring mind and we either can’t sleep from the get-go, or we wake up at 2 am with an uncomfortable level of thinking racing through the noodle! Either way, we end up with a sleep deficit.

    At the same time, this stress creates high levels of activity in the amygdala which send lots of anxiety-inducing neurotransmitters racing around our system, particularly between the hours of 2am, and 6am. 

    When we can’t sleep or escape the nervous tension we sometimes feel we are left depleted of all energy by morning and dreading the day ahead.

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