Recovering from burnout with meditation

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Summary: finding perfect balance through meditation

  • Extreme overwork can lead to burnout, causing heart disease, memory problems, stress, exhaustion and depression.

  • When we meditate, we rest and repair so deeply that all of these distortions start to unwind and re-calibrate towards normal functioning again.

The problem: when work goes bad

Burnout is usually the final manifestation of an overwhelmingly harsh work regimen that has been in place for an unsustainably long period. It can either be induced by peer pressure, or by a subconscious lack of self-worth dictating that we must work ourselves into the ground to gain approval.

As time goes on, the imbalance tends to grow into an all-conquering, self-defeating cycle to devote every resource into our occupational endeavours. The only exception may be the entertainment of certain vices, which we may resort to in order to vent the most extreme pressures.

Our perspectives change, and we become socially isolated.

As well as the general sense of exhaustion and inability to return to our desk in a meaningful way, there is an increased incidence of heart disease, cognitive impairment and non-verbal memory problems, elevated stress hormone levels, adrenal exhaustion and quite often, depression.

How can Beeja meditation help?

When we meditate, we rest three to five times deeper than the deepest part of sleep. It enables us to repair so deeply that all of these distortions start to unwind and re-calibrate towards normal functioning again.

Our hormonal levels balance, our cardiovascular health improves, our cognitive functioning becomes restored, and any depressive symptoms tend to lift. As this happens, our energy levels rise, and our ability to engage with people and work is vastly improved.

Rather than simply facilitating a return to the same unsustainable patterns, Beeja meditation will also bring balance to our sense of perspective and to our sense of self-worth.

We will be less inclined to seek the approval of others and more inclined to seek approval within our more balanced selves. Our locus of control has become more internalised.

As you become clearer and more capable, you will still be able to be a high achiever, but you will likely do so within the context of a calmer, fuller, more balanced life.

A grateful gift for not only coping but enjoying the demands of modern life. I no longer head-butt my computer!

Nick, Marketing Consultant, Kent

Find out how Beeja meditation can help with burnout

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