Meditation & Down's Syndrome

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Although there have been no studies that we know of into the effects of meditation on people with Down’s syndrome, we do know that a lot of the neurological and neurochemical factors that limit capability and growth show significant improvements in those who practise Beeja meditation within the general population.

With regular practice, our hormonal production, including growth hormones, tends to revert to natural levels. Our cognitive functioning is greatly enhanced, and learning and memory capabilities increase. IQ levels tend to rise by an average of 5 and we experience significantly improved immuno and cardiovascular health.

Possibly of more significance, children with Down’s syndrome tend to be some of the best and most relaxed practitioners of Beeja meditation. Like all children, they need little more than the basic instruction to get them going and typically they love it!

We also recommend that the parents consider learning to help them cope with the challenges faced with children who have Down’s syndrome.



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