How Meditation Helps With Panic Attacks

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What are panic attacks?

  • Panic attacks are a sense of paralysing, hyperventilating fear, caused by the activation of the sympathetic nervous system. It’s the branch of our nervous system which regulates the ‘fight-or-flight’ survival response, and when triggered, it can severely affect our mind, body and emotional systems.
  • Panic attacks can be debilitating and terrifying, and their effects can hinder many aspects of our day-to-day lives.
  • They always arise from elevated anxiety levels, usually brought about by some form of psychological stress or another. Once you’ve had one or two, this anxiety may now be imprinted into your nervous system, and the mere possibility of another episode is enough to raise anxiety levels further.

I learned five weeks ago and my experience has been super positive. My anxiety and depression is lifting, I’m sleeping like a log, I have waves of energy, I'm super productive at work and less reactive to potentially stressful situations. My friends and colleagues have noticed how much calmer, balanced and happier I seem.

Helen, Marketing Consultant, London

How does meditation stop panic attacks?

Meditation reduces the hyper-aroused amygdaloid functioning in our brain, meaning that our brain and body is less affected by an overactive ‘flight or fight’ response.

Meditation can also reset our hormonal balance to more natural levels. Furthermore, the brain starts developing greater levels of functioning and neural connections that can lessen the effects of panic attacks.

If you suffer from panic attacks then meditation can help – many people come through our doors who are suffering with them in fact.

What are the benefits of Beeja meditation on panic attacks?

Beeja meditation is very effective at restoring harmony to the system and reducing the effect of panic attacks. The personalised sounds we offer have a uniquely powerful quality of calming the nervous system down, bringing it into a state of balance, and having a transformative effect on the frequency of panic attacks.

At first, it can be used as a great tactic to manage the immediate impact of panic attacks. As time passes, our nervous system becomes more balanced, and the likelihood of experiencing panic attacks decreases.

Beeja meditation works in various ways to tackle the problem of panic attacks over the long term. It tempers our stress response and reduces activity in the fear centre of our brain, known as the amygdala. Our hormones return to a stable state, and our brain begins to forge new neural pathways, so we are no longer trapped in the patterns of anxious thought that hold us back.

People suffering from panic and anxiety attacks who come and learn with us are welcome to learn a supplementary ancient breathing technique after the course.  This technique will help keep things calm while you transition to a stable and even keel.

I took Will’s meditation course in May 2014, having had increasingly bad anxiety over the past few years. It was an enormous relief for the anxiety to quite quickly disappear and gradually for a less reactive and calmer outlook to take hold in my approach to life.

Margot, Researcher, London



Find out how Beeja meditation can help with your panic attacks

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