Dealing with postnatal stress

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Suffer from postnatal stress? You're not alone!

  • Lack of sleep is one of the main causes of postnatal stress.
  • Beeja meditation can restore balance to our hormonal make-up, reducing any possibility of developing postnatal depression.
  • Beeja meditation offers a mechanism to replenish ourselves enabling us to sustainably offer the love, care and patience a newborn needs.

The problem

When we’re stressed we’re less attentive, less patient and not as able to be as fully loving as we otherwise know ourselves to be. And the demands of motherhood mean that one cannot help but be under great physical stress.

One of the areas that young parents find most difficult is the lack of sleep after the baby is born. Not only do we face a lack of quantity of sleep, but we also face a lack of quality. The constant waking up process means we rarely get to enjoy some of the really nourishing parts of the sleep cycle such as REM and slow wave cycle sleep, meaning we feel even more deprived than usual. And the unpredictability of such fragmented sleep means that we are rarely able to completely switch off and allow the body’s metabolic rate to settle down into a meaningfully restful state, compounding the testing nature of the situation.

The woman’s hormonal balance is also greatly challenged by the pregnancy, birthing and nursing process.

How does Beeja meditation help?

Having a mechanism to balance that and replenish ourselves is crucial in enabling us to sustainably offer the love, care and patience a newborn needs.

Through the practice of Beeja meditation, we bypass the shallow layers of rest during sleep and immediately fall into the deepest zone, compensating massively for the deprivation we would otherwise be experiencing. In short, meditation will help maintain Mummy’s and Daddy’s sanity!

In addition, one of the most startlingly successful aspects of Beeja meditation is its ability to restore much balance to our hormonal make-up. Not only will that keep us more level generally, but it will also greatly reduce any possibility of developing postnatal depression. And it can even be done while nursing them!

Find out how Beeja meditation can help postnatal stress

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