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Summary: an easy way to recharge

  • The stresses of life in the 21st century cause so many of us to feel tired and fatigued for too much of the time.
  • Beeja meditation gives us deep and profound rest on a daily basis, which enables us to face all of life’s many demands.


Modern life is exhausting

Do you feel tired all the time? Sometimes struggle to stay awake through the afternoon? Have you ever wondered why?

For some, diet, hormonal imbalance and lack of sleep may be important factors, but by far the most significant drain on our energy resources is the demanding nature of our modern lives.

When our system is under any stress, whether physical or psychological, our body reacts by preparing for the ‘fight or flight’ response.

Our liver and pancreas activate a chemical response, which releases much of the glucose and simple proteins stored in our fat cells and directs them to our muscles. At the same time, our insulin secretion goes down, so that none of the food we’re currently digesting gets stored, but is either sent directly to the front lines or, if not yet fully broken down, is ejected from the system.

If our life is under mortal threat, this is a life-saving wonder. But in today’s world, when we are unlikely to be chased by a predator, it’s doing us no good at all.

As soon as the emergency is perceived to be over, there is a rush to rebuild our energy stores with glucose and proteins. We are left reaching for any kind of stimulant to get us through or, worse, we then find that more stress is required to get us going again.

But using stress to get you going is a terribly inefficient way to function in life. The effort required to break down our complex fat stores into simple glucose and proteins to fund our stress response is incredibly energy intensive and does not come cheap.

Imagine if every time you withdrew money from the bank or made a deposit, you had to pay a significant administration fee. Now imagine draining your account and building it back up several times a day. Your closing balance would be tiny compared to your opening balance, and all of your earnings would be going towards paying excessive administration fees!

But this is exactly what we are doing to our bodies on a daily basis. And it’s why so many of us feel drained by the day’s end.


Physical and mental energy to me is the greatest riches of human life. And meditation is like this free account of an endless amount of it.

Jerry Seinfeld, Comedian

How does Beeja meditation help?

Beeja meditation gets to the root of the issue by unwinding the over-active stress response, so we don’t find ourselves needing to find extra reserves of energy every time we are under demand.

It reduces our stress levels and boosts our energy levels, giving us such deep and profound moments of rest every day that we feel fully recharged and energised. At the same time, the quality of our sleep improves, allowing for much higher energy restoration during the night.

Meditation not only tends to give us more physical energy, but also more psychological, creative and emotional energy.

The end result is that we feel utterly revitalised. It is like waking up after a great night’s rest, every single day of your life.


It is amazing to feel clear headed, focused and full of energy every day. I never thought it was even possible…little tasks and projects that used to end up on my never-ending to-do list for months (and years!) are being ticked off and if I need to do something I no longer procrastinate. I feel like I have energy for everything and everyone.

Marina, Office Manager, London

What's the proof?

I've got so much more energy!

“I’ve got so much more energy!”
Rich, Photographer, London

It also results in greater hormonal balance, allowing us to feel energised throughout the day. Having a higher compliment of endorphins is also the reason why we feel such a strong sense of vitality when we do this.

Beeja meditation is incredibly effective at reducing stress. There is an average reduction in the stress hormone cortisol of 33%.

Beeja meditation allows our systems to rest an average of 33% deeper than the deepest point in sleep.

After six to seven hours of sleep, oxygen consumption usually decreases by about 15%. But the metabolic rate of meditation subjects goes at least 20% deeper, within just five minutes.

Beeja meditation improves the quality of our sleep, facilitating even more energy for the day ahead.

Find out how Beeja meditation can help with energy and vitality

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