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Summary: an easy way to recharge

  • Managing people can be exhausting, especially when everyone has different motivations and needs.

  • Beeja meditation helps us become more effective leaders, by enhancing our ability to understand, relate to, and inspire confidence and a cooperative mentality in the people we work with.

The problem: complex personas

We humans are not robots. We are complex organisms with complex psychologies and, in many cases, complex needs.

It can be hard to manage groups of people. It can be even harder when they all have different motivation complexes, respond to different management styles, and are under substantial demands. Many will be experiencing chronic background stress, which compromises their ability to inter-relate and cooperate.

As a result, we often get teams of people all pulling in different directions, or only partially pulling in the same direction. Much opportunity is lost, and time and energy wasted, in trying to keep everything moving towards the collective goal.

Will Wiliams Meditation provided me with a valuable daily framework and system that I have since applied to my brand consultancy business, enabling greater clarity, priority setting and motivation. A highly worthwhile investment for anyone involved in business.

Dan, Brand Consultant, Geneva

How can Beeja meditation help?

Beeja meditation helps bring calm, clarity, and interpersonal skills, which can help us manage people so much better.

When we are less stressed ourselves, it means we have more time and energy to help guide our team.

When we are calmer and clearer – due to the greater levels of brain state coherence that we experience when we practise this technique – it is easier to be decisive and make sound strategic decisions.

Greater activation of our pre-frontal cortex makes us better able to solve problems, and much more capable of empathy and compassion, which can be essential in helping people feel understood and valued as human beings and team members.

Beeja meditation also gives us so much more energy, which means we can continue to take care of our task-list and manage our team on a sustained basis, without becoming drained.

It also gives us greater levels of confidence and self-esteem, greater adaptability to circumstance, and greater ability to lead a team with conviction – a cornerstone of effective leadership.

More and more, meditation is seen as one of the most consistent hallmarks of many of the world’s most successful people.

What's the proof?

Beeja meditation allows our systems to rest an average of 33% deeper than the deepest point in sleep.

After six to seven hours of sleep, oxygen consumption usually decreases by about 15%. But the metabolic rate of meditation subjects goes at least 20% deeper, within just five minutes.

Beeja meditation improves the quality of our sleep, facilitating even more energy for the day ahead.

Beeja meditation is incredibly effective at reducing stress. There is an average reduction in the stress hormone cortisol of 33%.

It also results in greater hormonal balance, allowing us to feel energised throughout the day. Having a greater compliment of endorphins is also the reason why we feel such a strong sense of vitality when we do this.

Find out how Beeja meditation can help with people management

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