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In our western world our “spirit”, or our essence, is not given half as much recognition or attention as our mind and body. Yet, isn’t our spiritual well-being at the heart of our mental and physical well-being?


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How Beeja meditation can help

All ancient cultures had huge respect for matters of the soul, and even in the east, our spiritual health is still considered of primary concern, albeit this view is waning amongst younger generations.

And then, of course, there are the great western psychologists such as Maslow, for whom material and emotional satisfaction were merely stepping stones on the path to “self-actualisation”.

If this understanding of the importance of the spiritual well-being is correct, then perhaps it is worth us putting some attention on taking a more holistic approach to life? With the right approach, you can realise the light within and live a life of extraordinary inner wealth, and in so doing, enjoy all the happiness and trappings of an integrated existence, where you can consciously design your experience to be however you wish it to be.

Through the practice of Beeja meditation, we systematically access a state of pure consciousness, known as turiya. This has remarkable similarities to the unbounded field of consciousness which scientists tells us pervades the entire universe. When we are in this state, neurologically the brain goes into an incredibly powerful state of coherence, physiologically our body can go into complete rest and repair mode, and ultimately our nervous system will develop itself to be attuned to, and a conduit for, a more expansive state of consciousness.

With systematic access to this beautiful state of being, month by month and season by season, our heart expands, our sense of connectivity increases, our understanding grows, and we experience the support of nature.

All we need do is tune in to our deepest essence through the meditation, and we can live a life where intuition, pure emotion, perspective and inspiration guide our every endeavour, and we feel inspired, present, aware and conscious. Our internal radiance is independent of our situation, and we can shine the light of love and consciousness, something that burns brightly in any person who lives their own authentic reality.

There are many lessons on the pathway of realisation, not least the realisation that you already have everything you need, right here. All we, as guides and teachers can do, is empower you with the tools to gain greater access to this fundamental state, and if you wish, a few handy hints along the way.

This is it. You can own it. You can be it. And you can achieve levels of insight and perceive levels of reality that are inconceivable from the regular state of consciousness most of us seem to be stuck in. And the Beeja emphasis on making it compatible with everyday life means you get to live this reality 24/7 irrespective of where you are or what you are doing. Fully integrated, stable and balanced.

Human life is so precious. It represents such an incredible opportunity for love, life and fulfilment. All we need do is honour it by attending to our deepest and most essential essence. To set the consciousness, that informs your every thought, word and action, free from the bonds of limited thinking to a place of playful unboundedness is incredibly liberating and allows for such depth and richness. The choice is yours. A journey of flow and wonder awaits you if you wish it.



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