Meditation for Anger Management

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Meditation can be a powerful tool for managing anger. With reduced levels of stress acting on the body and mind, we become more able to distinguish between non-threatening and threatening situations, and find that we are less threatened by life and as a result, become less hostile.

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  • The problem

    For hundreds of thousands of years, one of our primary concerns was to save ourselves from danger, and evolution dictated that we had an incredibly responsive fight or flight response to help us do this.

    Because of the overtly stimulating nature of modern existence, we find that we unwittingly perceive everyday challenges as threats to our existence, and this invokes our inborn aggression.

    If we are under a lot of stress, are living with financial or family trouble, or have profoundly negative experiences in our past, we may be especially prone to anger. If we don’t know how to deal with anger healthily, it can result in severe ramifications across our personal and professional lives. 

    Unhealthy ways of dealing with our anger include outward aggression (such a yelling and slamming doors), inward aggression (for example, telling yourself negative things or engaging in self-harm) and passive aggression (such as deliberately antagonising others in non-direct ways). 

  • How it affects you

    According to a variety of studies, unleashing our anger (or “venting”) doesn’t relieve a bad temper and may even make it worse

    Taking our anger out on other people - whether it be an employee, stranger or someone close to us - offers an opportunity to let off steam, but ultimately feeds our anger. 

    However, constantly pushing down feelings of anger or letting ourselves ruminate on our negative feelings can be equally exhausting and unpleasant. 

    When we are constantly irritated, we make poorer decisions and risk alienating others - especially if we are prone to inappropriate bursts of aggression. 

    There are direct correlations between anger, unsustainably elevated heart rates and high blood pressure, as well as an overactive nervous system, even when at rest.

  • How can Beeja help?

    Anger is an instinctive, unconscious reaction and therefore very hard to control through conscious thought. 

    Beeja meditation goes beyond our conscious mind and helps to unwind our anger effortlessly by calming the nervous system to a level not normally achieved, even in sleep

    This precipitates the rebalance of all the body systems and the calming of the over-active “fight or flight” response.

    We become more able to distinguish between non-threatening and threatening situations, finding that we are less threatened by life and as a result, becoming less hostile.

    Our blood pressure starts to fall within normal levels, our heart rate steadies and we feel less edgy.

    Our personal and working relationships will improve as a direct result of our greater empathy, compassion, awareness, and understanding.

    If your anger is severe and you wish to pursue conventional treatment alongside meditation, Beeja meditation can make it far easier to engage with anger management therapy by diffusing our underlying stress.

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  • Reviews

    Steve, CEO, Sussex

    I had a great experience and learned so much about myself and how my body and mind can react in ways I had not considered due to the process of chemicals and adrenalin that can be ignited in certain situations. It has really helped me as a person and in the way in which I communicate with friends and family. Also my colleagues in the workplace say they have noticed a positive difference in the way I interact with them in my role as CEO.

    Laura, London

    Two and a half months in, I’m aware that I’m still only at the start of the process, but I’m already sensing some subtle changes: I feel less stressed by work, less anxious about the unknown, more aware of the underlying reasons for certain reactions or emotions.

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When I started meditating I had a real anger in me, and I would take this out on my first wife. Two weeks after I started meditating, this anger lifted.”

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