Benefits of Meditation

There are so many reasons to practice Beeja meditation. Not only is it simple, easy and enjoyable, but because it works at such a profound level - resetting and rebalancing every system within our body - it’s also an incredibly powerful healing tool. From improving relationships, to quashing an addiction, or coping with a chronic illness, the benefits of meditation arms us with the tactical tools we need to flow through life and thrive in the modern world. Meditating regularly can help us all to live healthier and happier lives.

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Our mind is the engine of our experience. It comprises all of our cognitive functions: perception, thinking, judgement and memory. It interacts with our physical brain and our central nervous system, and when our mind is out of balance, it has a major impact on all of our physical and mental faculties, and on our overall sense of wellbeing. By working at a deep neurological level Beeja meditation will effortlessly balance your state of mind, making you feel happier and healthier and improve a wide range of mental health issues, behavioural problems and lifelong conditions.


Beeja meditation will give you a powerful boost. With greater self-confidence, focus, energy and drive you’ll have everything you need to perform at your best, communicate your ideas and flourish.


Modern life is fraught with anxieties and stressful situations. A benefit of meditation is that works on both an emotional and practical level to improve all areas of our lives.


One of Beeja meditation’s benefits is that it will get you firing on all cylinders, so that great ideas and solutions flow freely again.


We can grow and connect with the world through Beeja meditation. Benefits include self-realisation and a greater sense of peace and happiness, which we can spread those around us.

"I can’t recommend Will or this practice enough. The benefits are innumerable but notably after a long personal journey exploring health and wellness, I’ve found Beeja meditation to be the missing link. Will is a fantastic teacher full of love and knowledge. I’m truly grateful. "

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Steph , Editor , London

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Acid Reflux

Meditation can give relief for acid reflux by calming the body’s stress response down to a much more manageable level, causing our digestive system to become more balanced. Our ‘fight or flight’ branch of our nervous system is far less active, which means less withdrawal of key dig...

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Meditation has been shown to be a great preventer of addiction tendencies and significantly increases recovery rates. Beeja meditation also results in greater activation of the cortex, which makes us more rational and less recklessly impulsive, making it easier to make good decisions and avoid the d...

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Meditation practice has been shown to have a rebalancing effect on brain chemistry, and studies show that the use of personalised mantras can lead to improvements in brain function and language-based skills among meditation students with ADHD.

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Ageing Gracefully

Meditation helps the body to age gracefully in numerous ways. It can help our brains to function at their best; improving memory and creativity. Studies have shown that meditating with personalised mantras can improve neuromuscular coordination and help you feel years younger.

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Is your life blighted by allergies? An allergy is the response of the body's immune system to normally harmless substances, such as pollen, prawns or pet hair; it wrongly identifies them as a' threat' and produces an inappropriate response. Beeja meditation helps by bringing the immune system back i...

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Anger Management

Meditation can be a powerful tool for managing anger. With reduced levels of stress acting on the body and mind, we become more able to distinguish between non-threatening and threatening situations, and find that we are less threatened by life and as a result, become less hostile.

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Meditation puts us on the path for anorexia recovery by making us feel more comfortable with ourselves, and enables us to rediscover our true selves without being defined by our weight or looks. The dysmorphic tendencies that characterise anorexia also dissipate as our perception refines and this al...

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Beeja meditation helps anxiety sufferers by using the sounds of mantras that are chosen to match each individual’s nervous system. The gentle repetition of these sounds within the mind has a soothing effect and calms any hyper-activation of the nervous system.

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Asthma sufferers find that meditation helps to decrease triggering and airway resistance, as well as reducing susceptibility to stress factors that might otherwise make an attack feel worse.

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Atherosclerosis is when fatty substances build up in your arteries, restricting blood flow and causing problems for your heart or other parts of the body. Meditation has been shown to significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular issues in a number of ways including widening arteries to improve bl...

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Beeja offers an alternative approach to autism; a chronic neurodevelopmental disorder of unknown cause that affects approximately 1 in 100 people. For autistic people, everyday stimuli can often be overwhelmingly intense which leads to the stress response being over-activated. Beeja meditation helps...

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Autoimmune Disorder

If you have an autoimmune disease, your immune system gets confused, and instead of attacking cells which may harm your body, it starts killing off healthy cells instead. Autoimmune diseases affect many parts of the body, and nobody is exactly sure why. We do know that stress can play a role and oft...

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Meditation gives our mind and body space to reboot and re-balance. When we come out of meditation, our bodies are refreshed, and our minds are clear. We can engage with those around us with a greater sense of awareness and without being distracted by constantly whirring thoughts.

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