Benefits of Meditation

There are so many reasons to practice Beeja meditation. Not only is it simple, easy and enjoyable, but because it works at such a profound level - resetting and rebalancing every system within our body - it’s also an incredibly powerful healing tool. From improving relationships, to quashing an addiction, or coping with a chronic illness, the benefits of meditation arms us with the tactical tools we need to flow through life and thrive in the modern world. Meditating regularly can help us all to live healthier and happier lives.

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Our mind is the engine of our experience. It comprises all of our cognitive functions: perception, thinking, judgement and memory. It interacts with our physical brain and our central nervous system, and when our mind is out of balance, it has a major impact on all of our physical and mental faculties, and on our overall sense of wellbeing. By working at a deep neurological level Beeja meditation will effortlessly balance your state of mind, making you feel happier and healthier and improve a wide range of mental health issues, behavioural problems and lifelong conditions.


Beeja meditation will give you a powerful boost. With greater self-confidence, focus, energy and drive you’ll have everything you need to perform at your best, communicate your ideas and flourish.


Modern life is fraught with anxieties and stressful situations. A benefit of meditation is that works on both an emotional and practical level to improve all areas of our lives.


One of Beeja meditation’s benefits is that it will get you firing on all cylinders, so that great ideas and solutions flow freely again.


We can grow and connect with the world through Beeja meditation. Benefits include self-realisation and a greater sense of peace and happiness, which we can spread those around us.

"I can’t recommend Will or this practice enough. The benefits are innumerable but notably after a long personal journey exploring health and wellness, I’ve found Beeja meditation to be the missing link. Will is a fantastic teacher full of love and knowledge. I’m truly grateful. "

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Steph , Editor , London

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Acid Reflux

Acid reflux – or heartburn – is a painful burning sensation in the chest due to reflux of acid and other stomach contents in the oesophagus. It can be really unpleasant and is at least partly caused by stress. As Beeja meditation reduces stress it’s an amazing natural remedy. When...

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The stress of modern life can make us vulnerable; it’s all too easy to seek out a temporary escape, and then fall into a dangerous cycle of dependency. Whether it’s smoking, drinking, drugs, eating, gambling or other risky behaviours - addictions tend to give us a brief high, followed by...

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ADHD is the most common behavioural disorder in children, but also affects adults. It is thought to be a caused by an imbalance of chemicals in the brain, that tends to result in difficult symptoms such as hyperactivity, the inability to concentrate or pay attention, and some inappropriate, impulsiv...

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Ageing Gracefully

It’s hard to resist the temptation to try and stop or even rewind our body’s ageing process. But try as we might with filters on our instagram posts, or botox in our lunch hour, seeking fake fixes rarely ends well. Beeja helps by putting you at ease with the ageing process, and also help...

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Is your life blighted by allergies? An allergy is the response of the body's immune system to normally harmless substances, such as pollen, prawns or pet hair; it wrongly identifies them as a' threat' and produces an inappropriate response. Beeja meditation helps by bringing the immune system back i...

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Anger Management

Feeling angry from time to time is part of the human experience. We may become angry if we feel attacked, deceived or invalidated, believe someone we care about has been mistreated or if we perceive an injustice - and anger can help us to respond appropriately to these situations.

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Recovery is an attainable goal for those who suffer with anorexia, but for this serious and life-disrupting mental illness, there are inevitable challenges on the path towards full health. Having extra support and an effective means of self-care at your disposal while you receive treatment can be hu...

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It’s no wonder so many of us are suffering from anxiety. Our nervous systems are continually being aggravated by seemingly harmless things in modern-day life; the simple act of watching television or drinking caffeine can push us over the edge. One in six Europeans now suffer from a clinically...

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In the UK, around 5.4 million people are currently receiving treatment for asthma. That's one in every 12 adults and one in every 11 children. Stress can not only trigger an asthma attack, it also makes it worse when it strikes. As a natural asthma treatment, Beeja meditation helps us beat modern da...

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Do you suffer from chest and/or leg pain when you exercise? Atherosclerosis is the build-up of fatty material inside your arteries. It's the condition that causes most heart attacks and strokes. Meditating with Beeja eliminates stress by bringing the nervous system into balance, and enables your hea...

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Beeja offers an alternative approach to autism; a chronic neurodevelopmental disorder of unknown cause that affects approximately 1 in 100 people. For autistic people, everyday stimuli can often be overwhelmingly intense which leads to the stress response being over-activated. Beeja meditation helps...

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Autoimmune Disorder

If you have an autoimmune disease, your immune system gets confused, and instead of attacking cells which may harm your body, it starts killing off healthy cells instead. Autoimmune diseases affect many parts of the body, and nobody is exactly sure why. We do know that stress can play a role and oft...

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Mindfulness is a state of mental awareness that enables us to be more present in our everyday lives. By developing mindfulness, we counteract the less inspiring influences of 21st-century living, and learn to live joyfully. There are lots of ways you can achieve a more mindful way of being. You can...

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